The Ultimate UI Tool for Kafka


To download the Offset Explorer (formerly Kafka Tool) for your operating system, use the links below. All versions of Offset Explorer come with a bundled JRE with the exception of the Linux version. For Linux, you must have Java 8 installed on your operating system before using Offset Explorer. After downloading, refer to the Documentation to configure Offset Explorer correctly. View change history to see recent updates to Offset Explorer.

Before clicking on the download button below, carefully read the terms of the license agreement. By clicking and downloading the software you are consenting to be bound by the license agreement. Do not click on download unless you agree to all terms of the license agreement.

Offset Explorer is free for personal use only.

Offset Explorer supports Apache Kafka ® version 0.8.1 and above.

Offset Explorer 2.3.3

[For Kafka version 0.11 and later]

Platform Size
Windows 32-Bit 35 MB Download Windows
Windows 64-Bit 34 MB Download Windows
macOS 55 MB Download Mac OS X
Linux 16 MB Download Linux
UI Tool for Apache Kafka